Northgate House Residential Home

Northgate House92 York Road, Market Weighton, York YO43 3EF Telephone: 01430 873398

Northgate House provides first class care and accommodation to 25 residents with a broad range of needs, and is situated on York Road Market Weighton

Market Weighton is a small market town at the foot of the Yorkshire dales about 18 miles equidistant between the cities of Kingston upon Hull and York, and approximately 150 yards from the main town Centre where there is a good mix of local shops and traders. The home is registered to provide personal care and accommodation for up to 25 people of either gender over the age of 65, some of whom may have dementia. This small and friendly home is well known for its high quality of care and Homely environment.

Our Beliefs

At Northgate House, we believe person centred care is about focusing on the individual, a person with strengths, preferences and needs that are unique to them. We believe that whenever possible our clients are best placed to know what they need and how those needs can be met. This means the people who use our services are empowered to enable them to retain responsibility for themselves and make their own decisions for as long as possible. We do everything we can to ensure that everyone who uses our services experiences a richer and more fulfilled quality of life due to our person centred approach to care, but particularly those experiencing a dementia.

Our Commitment to our Clients

At Northgate House we are committed to ensuring that our clients receive as much information and support as they need to enable them to maintain an independent and fulfilling quality of life. We believe that the services we provide should respond to the individual and not the person having to fit with the service.

We are constantly aware that well-being and fulfilment mean different things to different people, and that enjoyment of, and engagement in life, is crucial in their maintenance. We believe that activity can give meaning and purpose to the lives of those who use or services, and self respect and self esteem arise from day to day activities.

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